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We Work Exclusively in Employment Law

We work exclusively in employment law and are heavily focused on supporting businesses and organisations as employers.

We work with clients of all sizes but have particular expertise with working with successful, ambitious organisations of more than 100 employees – including a growing number of national and listed companies.

Many of our clients have grown quickly without their employment arrangements keeping up with that growth. In these situations, we are committed to a practical, collaborative approach. We help you identify the priorities, assess different risks, and focus on where we can add most value.

So, whether you are a small, medium, or large business, we can offer solutions that fit your particular business and workforce.

Based on our work with successful, growing employers, we have specific expertise in industrial relations, general protection claims and complex dismissals and disputes, with individual solicitors focusing on different areas.

We also have specific expertise in working with employers in professional services, construction, and leisure/tourism.

Informal, Unpretentious Approach

We don’t stand on ceremony and don’t expect you to either.

We understand that workplace challenges cause emotional stress and you can let off some steam without being judged.

Whilst we maintain the highest professional standards, that doesn’t mean we have to be formal and fussy. We’ll talk to you in plain language and we can sort it out together.

Top Tier Expertise

O’Reilly Workplace Law offers the reassurance of the highest technical standards, with all our team members drawing on experience in Australia’s largest law practises.


We like helping our clients with big picture workforce management. Getting the right employment arrangements in place at the outset reduces problems down the track. We don't do cookie-cutter employment work. At O'Reilly Workplace Law, strategy means considering a number of legal and non-legal options to address different issues and working with you to craft the best, unique approach for your organization.


We recognize that all organisations have time, budgetary and other constraints, and we will work with you to craft practical solutions. Whilst we can identify a number areas of potential employment law risk, we won't force you to address all issues immediately, Instead we will work with you to assess the different risks, identify priorities and discuss alternative legal and non-legal solutions.


We embrace the alternatives to legal solutions wherever appropriate and work with a network of trainers, coaches, counsellors to help you solve a range of workplace challenges.